Mtoto Account
Kilimanjaro Cooperative Bank Ltd introduced Mtoto Account as one of its efforts in making sure that customers get services that meet their needs.
Mtoto Account is a children’s account designed to encourage early savings culture and financial planning

The administration of the Bank is carried according to Co operative Principles. The highest governing body of the Bank is the Annual General Meeting (AGM), this is the all members (shareholders) meeting. Policy decisions are made by this meeting.

The AGM is assisted by two boards, whose members are elected by this general meeting.

• The Supervisory Board: It is the shareholders watchdog, it checks if the decisions and/or directives made at the meetings are implemented.

• The Management Board: It is in charge of the administration of the Bank. This Board employs staff who is responsible for the day to day activities. The General Manager reports to this Board on the overall performance of the Bank.

However all banking and other technical operation are supervised by The Bank of Tanzania. KCBL has dual registration. That is it is a Co operative Society and a Bank.
To be a leading and sustainable Co-operative, Development centered Bank.